RAW Chicago

We just had our second show with RAW, and our first in Chicago for Bass Structures. So much fun, many great artists, and Emmanuel Fritz had his first Chicago dog, ever, at Phil’s. We had a blast playing along with Red and Reckless, and are super grateful that they not only didn’t mind, but thought it was really great. Esh was stunning on and off the stage. Also, many thanks to Kara for being understanding when we had an amp fail and some equipment “disappear”, giving us the time to go get a new amp and her creative with wiring.



Art Jamboree!

We finished our first set with Sid Redlin assisting on sound, our first set with our new addition, Wassily, operating some frequencies, and our first Bass Structures show with Art Milwaukee! It was a good time. Met some wonderful new people, came away with three new paintings, and did two sets. Audio and images to be coming soon! 


It’s a late night in the bass structures OCD lab, but a sonar sensor has just now successfully been mapped to control the frequency of an analog granular synth. Robot Synths are now a reality in the bass structures arsenal!

In the works

There’s another synth built on the proto board right now. Next stop is integrating it with sonar sensors instead of Potentiometers. ROBOTS!


Our last show with RAW Milwaukee went amazing! So much good energy. We’re really looking forward to showing with them in Chicago on September 12th.

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Some Current Works

digital conversion file

From Schoenberg - soon to be a painting

These are images that I am currently working on for my upcoming thesis show, on April 15th. The images are of sounds that have been translated from source images, the resulting paintings of that process, or images from another layer where the painting is translated by a color synth that I constructed, turned into a sound piece, and is then turned into an image yet again. They will be shown in conjunction with a sculptural instrument that will be played by motors, the score being dictated by the images as they run through the color synth operation yet again. 

logarithmic spectrograph with a different imaging tool