Some Current Works

digital conversion file

From Schoenberg - soon to be a painting

These are images that I am currently working on for my upcoming thesis show, on April 15th. The images are of sounds that have been translated from source images, the resulting paintings of that process, or images from another layer where the painting is translated by a color synth that I constructed, turned into a sound piece, and is then turned into an image yet again. They will be shown in conjunction with a sculptural instrument that will be played by motors, the score being dictated by the images as they run through the color synth operation yet again. 

logarithmic spectrograph with a different imaging tool


About collinschipper

Collin Schipper is a multi-media artist working with sound, paint, sculpture, and physical computing. His work integrates these media, creating a deterritorialized space that falls somewhere in between; a translation of a translation, creating a new meaning and medium. He will be receiving his BFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Arts from the Milwaukee Institute of Fine Arts in May, 2011, and will be showing throughout the midwest afterwards. View all posts by collinschipper

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