Upcoming shows:

June 7  Flying Car: Great Robot Showdown                         Potawatomie Casino. Milwaukee WI.

September 12  RAW:natural born artists                               Chicago, IL

Exhibition Record

May 18  3pm – 10pm Art Milwaukee’s Art Jamboree     Milwaukee, WI

2011 53 Hour Painting Show. The Green Gallery East, Milwaukee, WI.


Show. Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI.

2011 . North Main Studios, Rockford, IL.


2011 Bass Structures. MIAD Student Union. Milwaukee, WI.


Hidden River Arts Festival

: Emerging Artists Gallery, Sharon Lynn Wilson Arts Center, Brookfield, WI.


Unforgettable Art

Alzheimer’s Association Benefit Prairie Street Brewhouse, Rockford, IL.

2012 The Rise of the Elephant: Victory House, Kalamazoo, MI. 2012 The Forget The Times Family Arkestra: Louis’ Trophy House, Kalamazoo, Mi. 2012

October Art Hop

Louis’ Trophy House, Kalamazoo, MI.


Art Fest

Record Shop, Kalamazoo, MI.

Creak The 34 th :


Vanguard Sculpture Services, Milwaukee, WI. 2013 February Art Hop: FIRE Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative. Kalamazoo, MI. 2013 A Touch of Cold: The Black Lodge, Kalamazoo, MI


RAW: Artists With Natural Talent.


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